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We are a Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Exporter and Supplier of CVD / HPHT, Lab Grown Diamonds..


Diffrence Between “CVD / HPHT & Lab Grown Diamonds” Vs “Natural Diamonds” and Why Choose To CVD / HPHT, Lab Grown Diamonds and 14 Round Brilliant Cut :-

What Is CVD / HPHT & Lab Grown Diamonds:-

CVD Diamond are simply lab created synthetic diamonds. The initials stand for “Controlled Vapor Diffusion.” This is a process done in a controlled laboratory which creates the exact physical and chemical properties of a natural diamond. HPHT stands for “High Pressure High Temperature.”

Diffrence Between “CVD / HPHT & Lab Grown Diamonds” Vs “Natural Diamonds”:-

These are natural diamonds, from Mother Nature, whose color has been improved. HPHT diamonds are processed in a controlled laboratory, and put under extreme heat, and pressure, which changes the color of the diamond from a brownish tint to white. Diamonds that are subjected to the HPHT treatment must have a clarity better.

Why Choose CVD / HPHT & Lab Grown Diamonds:-

So Many Reason for Choose CVD / HPHT, Lab Grown Diamonds and 14 Round Brilliant Cut here some reason to given

1. Eco-friendly:- One of the other primary benefits of buying them is their sustainability. When land is mined for all sorts of precious stones, it leaves behind scars in the earth that cannot be refilled or recovered from. Diamond mining companies remove earth in tonnes just to find them, and that is avoidable with lab grown diamonds.

2. More affordable:- They’re easy on the pocket! A lab grown diamond of the size, shape and colour as its mined equivalent is not only 30%-40% cheaper, but they also come in the same, if not better, shine and quality.

3. You get more for less:- Because they’re more affordable, lab created diamonds give you the chance to buy a bigger stone for less.

+0.50 TO 2.00 Carat Emerald Brilliant Cut – VVS / VS / SI – D to G Color

  • Price Range : 20000 to 40000
    Availble Colour : D/E/F/G
    Available Clarity : VVS/VS/SI
    Available Cut : 2X to Very Good Cut

    Note : Price range depend on live diamond market...

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